Felicity Huffman Might Not Have to Spend Anytime Behind Bars

Prisons Discipline Women More, Often Harshly, Study Says

‘He’s Not a Fugitive!’: Officer Gets Warrant for Teen Who Left Jail, After Cops Told Him to Go Home

Inmates Clap as Officers Lead Suspected Cop Killer Past Cell (VIDEO)

Tiger Woods Slurs Speech, Appears Dazed in Post-Arrest Jail Video (WATCH)

Drew Peterson Transferred Out of Illinois Prison System

WATCH: Sheriff’s Deputy and Jail Guard Get Into Crazy Fight Inside Detention Center

Woman Facing Traffic Violation Forced to Give Birth on Jail Floor After Staff Wouldn’t Take Her to Hospital

Doctors, Justice System at Odds Over Pregnant Drug Addict

WATCH: Brock Turner Released From Jail After Serving Only Three Months

Jared Fogle Is Suing Parents of His Pornography Victim

Dylann Roof Reportedly Assaulted in the Shower by Inmate in Charleston Jail

Attorney Jailed For Refusing to Remove Black Lives Matter Pin

Jail Health Worker Allegedly Traded Chicken, Candy for Sex

Judge Goes Off on ‘Revolting’ Puppy Killer: ‘Oh, Would I Like to Put You in a Dumpster’

Google-Sponsored #LoveLetters Connect Kids with Imprisoned Moms

Inmate Posted Selfies to Facebook While Still in Jail Van

Judge Sends War Vet with PTSD to Jail, Then Joins Him

‘Affluenza’ Teen Ethan Couch Ordered to Nearly Two Years in Jail

Bill Seeks To Impose Jail Time for Walking and Texting

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