The List of Trump Tax Return-Related Questions That Have Gone ‘Unanswered’ Since June

Federal Agents Raid the Home of United Auto Workers Union President

Following a Series of Tweets, It Appears as Though John McAfee May Be in U.S. Custody (UPDATE)

Tax Expert: IRS ‘Draft’ Memo Contradicting White House on Trump’s Tax Returns Has ‘Zero Value’

NY, NJ Attorneys General Sue Trump Treasury, IRS Over Rule Enabling ‘Dark Money’ Groups

FBI Raids Home of Democratic Baltimore Mayor — Here’s What We Know So Far

GOP Donors too ’Embarrased’ to Publicly Support Trump Gave Millions to Dark Money Group

Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Know How Taxes (Or Laws) Work

US Agrees to Pay Tea Party Groups in Suits over IRS Scrutiny

OUTRAGE: Trump’s IRS Awards Equifax $7.2 Million Contract To Handle Sensitive Taxpayer Information

Whoops! IRS Scammers Call Up Local Police Department (Video)

Woman Sues Howard Stern Over Aired Phone Call to IRS

IRS Commissioner Presents His Case Against Impeachment to House Republicans

IRS Rule Changes Reflecting SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decisions Are Now in Effect

Trump Forced to Pay IRS Penalty After Illegal Contribution

Staffer for Prominent Democratic Congressman Charged With Failure to File Tax Returns

House Republicans Ask Three Federal Agencies to Investigate the Clinton Foundation

House Oversight Committee Censures IRS Chief, Calls for Resignation

House Democrats Need to Stop Playing Dumb and Take the IRS Commissioner’s Hearings Seriously

IRS Slammed With Lawsuit For Destroying Electronic Records

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