Gas Station Clerk Suspended After Shooting Armed Robbery Suspect In Self Defense

Police Chief Kicked out of Doctor’s Office Because He Had a Gun

SCOTUS Reconsidering Gun Case in Wake of Alexandria Shooting

Burglars Make Off with More Than a Dozen Firearms in Crazy Smash-and-Grab (Video)

NYPD Drug Bust Nets Guns, Crack Cocaine and… an Alligator!

Cops Powerless After Father Jumped on Trampoline with Gun in Holster, Report Says

Gangs Reap Guns from Trains in Violent Chicago Neighborhoods

Court: Florida Docs Allowed to Ask Patients About Guns

Congress Blocks Rule Barring Mentally Impaired from Guns

Senate Wants to Block Rule on Guns and Mentally Ill

Man Arrested After Dropped Gun Fires, Injures Customer Inside Dunkin Donuts, Cops Say

GOP Introduces Perhaps Most Absurd Pro-Gun Law Yet

Pro-Gun Columnist Accidentally Shot and Killed When Letting Teen Hold Gun, Police Say

School District to Allow Teachers to Bring Guns to School

Appeals Court Upholds Law Requiring 10-Day ‘Cooling Off’ Period for Firearm Purchases

WATCH: Crazy Mannequin Challenge ‘Shootout’ Scene Leads to Criminal Charges

Emails Show Federal Agents Used License Plate Scanners to Collect Information at Gun Shows

New Report Reveals Holes in FBI’s Gun Background Check System

Teacher Charged After Cops Say She Left Loaded Gun in School Bathroom

Police Say Man Dead After Bulletproof Vest Experiment Goes Wrong

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