executive privilege

Ex-Trump Attorney in Russia Probe Told Lev Parnas to Claim Executive Privilege: Lawyer

Lewandowski Will Be Shielded by Executive Privilege if He Runs Trump’s Bill Clinton-Esque Impeachment Team

Harvard Law Prof Calls Trump Admin’s Blocking of Key Witness Testimony ‘Egomaniac Immunity’

President Trump Really Doesn’t Want Don McGahn to Testify Before Congress, and He May Be In Luck

Trump Admin Reportedly Refusing to Give Up Records Detailing Security Clearances, Foreign Meetings

How Bannon’s Refusal to Talk Could Lead to Trump’s Impeachment

Sessions Says He Can’t Use Executive Privilege, Then Uses Executive Privilege

President Trump You Still Have to Actually Invoke Executive Privilege to Prevent Sessions From Answering Questions

Sessions Could Try to Use Executive Privilege at Senate Hearing, But It Sure Won’t Be Easy

Dan Abrams: Trump has ‘Very Weak Legal Argument’ for Blocking Comey Testimony With Executive Privilege

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