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Barack Obama’s Attorney General: Barr Is a Trump Loyalist Who Is ‘Unfit’ to Lead the DOJ

ABA Legal Fact Check: Will William Barr Ultimately Face Legal Sanctions? Eric Holder Didn’t.

Lawsuit: Miss. Election Procedures Are ‘Racist Scheme’ Meant to ‘Dilute’ African American Vote

Eric Holder, Once Cited for Contempt in Fast and Furious Probe, Criticizes Barr for ‘Protecting the President’

Eric Holder: ‘Any Competent’ Prosecutor Would Win Obstruction Case Against Trump

William Barr May Recommend Same Action Eric Holder Did in Response to Fast and Furious Probe

Eric Holder: Dems Should Add Two Additional Supreme Court Justices to Counter GOP ‘Power Grab’

Former Obama Attorney General Suggests Creative Way to Indict a Sitting President

Congress Just Threatened FBI’s Peter Strzok with Contempt. Three Other High-Profile Times that Happened.

Eric Holder: Mueller Will Charge Trump With Obstruction of Justice

Justice Official Defends Mueller, Sees No Cause For Firing

Now That Jeff Sessions is Under Legal Scrutiny, It’s Time To Start Seizing His Assets

Eric Holder Sends Out Bizarre, Cryptic 3 a.m. Tweet

‘Dumb on Crime’: Fmr AG Eric Holder Slams Jeff Sessions’ New Prosecution Policy

Eric Holder Blasts Comey for Violating ‘Long-Standing’ DOJ Policies

Eric Holder Credits Edward Snowden For Performing ‘Public Service’

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