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Trump’s Attorneys (Including His White House Counsel) Even Said in Court There’s No Evidence of Voter Fraud

Wisconsin Recount Complete, Trump’s Victory Widens as He Gains 844 Votes

Sorry But Alleged Russian Influence in Presidential Election Won’t Lead to a ‘Do-Over’

Sore Winner? Why Congressman Issa Is Not Going to Win Libel Lawsuit Against His Opponent

No, You Can’t Vote By Text Message, and Telling Voters You Can May Be Illegal

DNC Wants Judge to Hold RNC in Contempt for Trump’s Alleged Voter Scare Tactics

Here’s What Happens If Donald Trump Drops or Is Forced Out of Presidential Race

Donald Trump Peddling Wrong Facts; Anti-Trump Delegates Actually Score Big Legal Win

NY State Election Board Reportedly Denies Responsibility in Alleged Voter Registration Purge

It’s True, Ted Cruz May Have Violated Election Law With Super PAC Ads

Trump Flat Out Says Cruz ‘Illegally’ Coordinated With Super PACs, Violating Election Law

Lawsuit Dropped, Kasich Will Appear on Pennsylvania Primary Ballot

John Kasich’s Name Might Not Appear on the Pennsylvania Ballot

Big Oops, Bill Clinton May Have Just Violated Election Law

Why Ted Cruz’s Voter ‘Shaming’ Mailer May Have Violated the Law

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