Department of Homeland Security

New Trump Admin Measure Could Drastically Increase Speed and Scope of Deportations

Trump Admin Threatens to Fine Some Undocumented Immigrants Up to $500,000

IG Report: Detainees Standing on Toilets to Breathe at Border Facility with ‘Dangerous Overcrowding’

Immigrants Can Sue Government for Allegedly Separating Them from Their Children, Judge Rules

Trump DHS Official: ‘Societies And Nations For Millennia Have Suffered Greatly’ For Accepting LGBT Citizens

DHS Secretary Nielsen: Trump No Longer Wants A Full Length Border Wall

New Docs Reveal Trump Admin Ordered Airport Staff to Snub Congressmen, Lawyers During Travel Ban

UPDATE: Feds Withdraw Twitter Summons for Anti-Trump Account After Lawsuit

DHS: Alleged ‘Cyber Attack’ on Georgia Was Just Fed Employee Copy-and-Pasting

Dept. of Homeland Security Investigating Leslie Jones Hack

New E-Mails Show ‘Eager’ Prosecutor Pushed For 2014 Federal Panty Raid

Immigration Lawyer Faked Stories of Rape and Torture from Middle Eastern Asylum Seekers

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