Police: 88-Year-Old Man Tried to Shoot Nephew at Work Due to Damaged Cuckoo Clock

In a Bizarre Twist, Alex Jones Could Be Going to Connecticut Supreme Court

State Bill Requires Public Schools to Teach Science of ‘Human-Induced’ Climate Change

Landscapers Covered in Syrup Allegedly Had Sex in Client’s Home, and There Was Video Evidence

Judge: Gang Members with Weak Facebook Settings Can’t Whine about Privacy

2 Boarding School Officials Resign Amid Sex Abuse Claims

Anti-Trump Protester Accused of Blocking Ambulance Rushing Critically Ill Patient to Hospital

Teacher Arrested for Letting Air Out of Tire on Student’s Car, Police Say

Man Who Berated Breastfeeding Woman Could Be in Legal Trouble Too

‘You’re Disgusting’: Man Goes Nuts at Woman For Breastfeeding in Target (Video)

What are Connecticut’s Republican Delegates Rules?

What are Connecticut’s Republican Delegates Rules?

Florida Man Flies to Connecticut to Turn Himself In for Stealing TV 27 Years Ago

Police: Victoria Secret Model Left Scene of Crash Before DUI

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