Christopher Wray

Dems Ask AG Barr, FBI Director Wray to Deny Senate Access to Alexandra Chalupa’s Records

AG Barr Makes It Harder for Federal Authorities to Investigate Presidential Campaigns

Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok Sues, Wants His Job Back (And Money, Too)

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis Orders a Review of 2016 Election Hacking Attempts

Florida’s Republican Governor Confirms Russians Hacked Two Voter Databases

FBI Director: White Supremacist Violence Poses a ‘Pervasive’ and ‘Persistent’ Threat in U.S.

It Will Be Up to Fellow Yale Law Grad FBI Director Christopher Wray to Investigate Kavanaugh

Watch Live: Rod Rosenstein, Christopher Wray Testify Regarding IG Report on Clinton Probe

FBI Director Issues Possible Warning to Trump in Response to Report on Clinton Email Investigation

Trump-Nominated FBI Director Defends Mueller Against ‘Witch Hunt’ Accusation

Watch Live: FBI Director, DOJ Inspector General Testify Regarding Clinton Investigation Report

Trump Calls FBI Agent Removed From Mueller Probe ‘Tainted’

If Chris Wray Becomes FBI Director He Will Take a 98% Pay Cut!

Trump’s Nominee For FBI Director Scrubs Law Firm Bio of Russia Reference

Trump’s FBI Pick Billed Taxpayers $2.1 Mil as Chris Christie’s Personal Attorney

Who is Christopher Wray, Trump’s Pick to be New FBI Director?

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