Christopher Watts

Chris Watts Prosecutor Finally Reveals Why He Took the Death Penalty Off the Table

Chris Watts’ Parents Now Say They ‘Accept’ Their Son Murdered Shanann, Bella, and Celeste

Prosecution Describes in Chilling Detail How Chris Watts ‘Coldly,’ Brutally Murdered His Whole Family

Chris Watts Sentenced to Multiple Life Sentences Without Parole for Murdering Wife and Daughters

Watch: Christopher Watts Sentencing Hearing for the Murder of His Wife and Daughters

Chris Watts’ Parents Will Speak at Sentencing After Mother Claims Shanann ‘More Capable’ of Killing the Kids

‘He Lied About Everything’: Chris Watts Falsely Claimed He Got Divorced, Says Alleged Mistress

Did Prosecutors Screw Up the Chris Watts Case by Leaving Him Room to Wiggle Out of Guilty Plea?

Chris Watts’ Mom Shockingly Says Shanann Watts Was ‘More Capable’ of Killing the Kids (VIDEO)

Christopher Watts’ Lawyers Attempt to Cast Doubt on Why Prosecution Wants Autopsy Records Sealed

Chris Watts Case Got Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace to Finally Agree on Something (VIDEO)

Chris Watts Once Said a Child Could Save a Crumbling Relationship (VIDEO)

This Might Be Why Prosecutors Think Chris Watts’s Claim About Wife Killing Kids Is B.S.

Watch: Chris Watts Court Hearing

Chris Watts Made a Stunning Claim About Why He Killed His Wife, According to Affidavit

Christopher Watts Also Being Charged for Terminating Wife’s Pregnancy

Christopher Watts Formally Charged for Murdering Pregnant Wife, Two Daughters (VIDEO)

Friend Reveals Why She’s Not Shocked Chris Watts Was Arrested for Family’s Murder

‘He Never Once Cried’: Distraught Friends React to Family’s Murder Days After They Went to Birthday Party

Missing Colorado Girls Were Found Dead in ‘Mostly Full’ Oil and Gas Tanks at Dad’s Job Site

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