Senator Lindsey Graham Reveals Why He Owns an AR-15

Police: Possible Mass Shooting Averted by Walmart Employees

‘He Actually Tried to Kill Me’: Ex-Wife Says Former Democratic State Senator Fired at Her with AR-15

Pa. Man Gets Mental Health Check after Openly Carrying AR-15 Rifle

‘Scalia Would be Proud’: Judge Cites Antonin Scalia in Upholding ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

Former Sheriff David Clarke Humiliated Himself on Twitter Trying to School Someone on Guns

7-Year-Olds Are Selling AR-15 Raffle Tickets for Their Baseball Team

Burglars Make Off with More Than a Dozen Firearms in Crazy Smash-and-Grab (Video)

Masked Intruders Killed by AR-15 Wielding Homeowner

State Rep. Threatened After He Plans AR-15 Giveaway as ‘Celebration of Second Amendment’

Gun Maker Says They Are Not Responsible for Sandy Hook Massacre

Sarah Palin’s Son Arrested on Weapons, Domestic Violence Charges

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