LISTEN LIVE: Trump Administration Fights for Travel Ban in Court Appeal

Michigan GOP Files Emergency Appeal to Stop Statewide Recount

Sandy Hook Families Appeal Dismissal of Lawsuit Against Gun Maker

Now That Justin Ross Harris has Been Convicted, Get Ready for the Appeal

Appeals Court Questions Judge’s ‘Novel Rationale’ For Unsealing Cosby’s Damning Admissions

State Fights Decision to Grant Serial’s Adnan Syed New Trial

Judge Warns Ruling May Make Netflix, HBO Password Sharing a Federal Crime

Judge Says Obama Admin’s Transgender Bathroom Rules Offend ‘Dignity and Freedom’

Tom Brady Appealing ‘Deflategate’ Decision

Judge Accepts ‘Obamacare Made Me Do It’ Argument in Hospital Merger Lawsuit

Tom Brady Appears Ready to Take Deflategate Appeal to Supreme Court

New Documents Unsealed in Gawker/Hulk Hogan Case

Hope for Gawker? Hulk Hogan Judge is Often Reversed By Appellate Court

Doctors Prevented From Questioning Patients About Guns Fight Back

Prosecutors Ask CT Supreme Court to Send Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel Back to Prison

Man Slept Through His Own Trial and Now Wants Second Chance

White Officer Passed Over for Promotion Can Move Forward With Racial Bias Lawsuit

New Jersey Lawsuit Could Make Sports Betting Legal Across the Country

Bill Cosby Appeals Judge’s Decision to Move Forward With Case

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