Antonin Scalia

CNN’s Cuomo on 2nd Amendment: ‘No Individual Right . . . Until Scalia’

Trump to Antonin Scalia’s Widow: Wow, You Guys Sure Had a Lot of Sex

Antonin Scalia Apparently Said He Wouldn’t Overturn Roe v. Wade

‘Scalia Would be Proud’: Judge Cites Antonin Scalia in Upholding ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

Justice Scalia Was Apparently Huge Fan Of Donald Trump’s White House Bid

50-47: Senate Confirms Trump Pick for Solicitor General

Justices, Normally Silent During Speeches, Give Scalia’s Wife Standing Ovation

Scalia Said Presidential Conflicts-of-Interest were Legal, But…

What The Heck is Happening With Merrick Garland’s Nomination to Supreme Court?

Faculty Worries About Naming Law School After Scalia Because of His ‘Offensive’ Views

New Antonin Scalia Law School Runs Into ‘ASSoL’ Acronym Problem

McConnell Tells Obama Not to Nominate a Supreme Court Justice To His Face

Sen. Mitch McConnell: Senate Judiciary Committee Won’t Hear Obama’s Nominee

Thousands of Mourners Attend Funeral Mass for Justice Antonin Scalia

VIDEO: Antonin Scalia Said He’d Like This Judge to Replace Him

Scalia in Repose at Supreme Court as Mourners Pay Respects

Death Investigator: Scalia’s Death Probe ‘Very Troubling to Me’

Ted Cruz Wants to Filibuster Obama’s Nominee, That’s Never Happened

Senate Shouldn’t ‘Bet the House’ on Supreme Court Obstruction

Obama Waffles Over Whether He Will Make Recess Appointment

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