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DOJ: White Supremacist Arrested for Violent, Racist Threats That Interfered with Charlottesville Election

Canadian Teens, Suspected in Three Murders, Have Likely Been Found Dead

Subpoena for Anonymous Messaging App Records Could Out ‘Unite the Right’ Organizers

Trump Fans Freak Out After Anti-Immigrant Activist Stopped and Deported by Border Cops

Suspect In Charlottesville Car Attack Indicted

Twitter Purges Multiple Alt-Right Accounts Citing Concerns Over Violence

Protester Who Shut Down Alt-Right Speech Identified As College Employee

Campus Republican Who Attended White Power Rallies Re-Elected As President Of GOP Student Group

Taylor Swift Sends Legal Threat to Blogger Who Asked Her To Denounce The Alt-Right

Alt-Right Commentator Flees United States After Being Outed On Internet

Police Release Man Who Apparently Attempted To Mow Down Anti-Fascists In Washington State (WATCH)

Breitbart and Obama Direct Harvey Relief Funds To Wasteful, Dishonest Political Organization

Is The Secret Service Recruiting Agents On Breitbart?

Student Who Attended Charlottesville Rally Leaves University After Being Outed

Nearly Forty-Thousand Anti-Racists Surround ‘Alt-Right’ Rally In Boston (WATCH)

Anti-Fascists and Anti-Racists Clash With Neo-Nazis In Boston

White Nationalist Figure ‘Based Stickman’ Charged for Weapon in Berkeley Brawl

Massachusetts Officer Cheers Charlottesville Killer On Social Media: ‘Hahahaha Love This’

White Nationalists Are Being Exposed By The Internet And Losing Their Jobs

Why Heather Heyer’s Killer Is a Prime Candidate For Domestic Terrorism Charges

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