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Watch: Tammy Moorer Trial Day 7


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The prosecution will continue to present their case on Wednesday in the kidnapping trial of Tammy Moorer. The South Carolina woman is accused–along with her husband Sidney Moorer–of being behind the disappearance of Heather Elvis in 2013.

The twenty-year-old Elvis was last seen alive on December 18, 2013. The next day, her car was found abandoned and she was reported missing. Law enforcement officials investigated the disappearance and eventually arrested the Moorers. Prosecutors believe that Elvis had an affair with Sidney Moorer and that he and his wife kidnapped her months after that relationship ended, amid rumors that Elvis was pregnant.

The Moorers were both originally charged with murder, but those charges were dropped in 2016. They still face kidnapping and conspiracy charges. Sidney Moorer faced his own trial already, but it ended in a mistrial when the jury failed to reach a decision. He is still waiting for a second trial, and was also convicted last year of obstructing the investigation.

as Tammy is now in the middle of her trial. Prosecutors are expected to call Sidney Moorer to the stand to testify at Tammy’s trial.

Much of the prosecution’s case so far has involved expert testimony regarding the locations of cell phones belonging to Sidney and Tammy Moorer and Heather Elvis around the time the alleged kidnapping is believed to have taken place. Testimony showed that location data supports the prosecution’s theory that Elvis was lured to a boat landing where she was abducted.

On Tuesday, a police detective discussed the substance of text messages. The prosecution had him read sexually charged messages between Tammy and Sidney that they claim worked to help establish that Tammy wanted to retaliate against Elvis for her affair with Sidney. The defense and the judge thought it was a bit much, with the defense requesting a mistrial. The judge did not grant one but did warn the prosecution to move on with their case.

Elvis’ former roommate Brianna Warrelmann also took the stand and talked about Elvis’ relationship with the Moorers. She said that Elvis was afraid of Tammy Moorer, but loved Sidney.

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