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Watch Live: Tammy Moorer Kidnapping Trial Day 10


The kidnapping trial of Tammy Moorer picks up again on Monday in South Carolina. Prosecutors say Moorer and her husband Sidney Moorer were involved in the abduction of 20-year-old Heather Elvis in 2013.

The state presented their case over the course of more than a week of witness testimony. They claim that Elvis and Sidney Moorer had an affair that ended just months before she vanished and that she may have been pregnant with Moorer’s child. Elvis’ roommate testified that Elvis had been in love with Sidney Moorer, but was afraid of Tammy. Elvis’ old boss recalled how Tammy Moorer once called him and asked him to fire Elvis because she was allegedly spreading rumors about the pregnancy.

Tammy Moorer herself took the stand on Friday to give her side of the story. She said she had nothing to do with Elvis’ disappearance and has no idea what happened to her. She also said that the investigation and charges she’s faced wrecked her life. She claimed that her kids’ school performance has gone down, she suffered a miscarriage, and she had to miss her father’s funeral.

“It destroyed my family, she said.

Cross-examination continues on Monday, and if it’s anything like what happened on Friday, it will surely be heated. Moorer got into it with prosecutor Nancy Livesay, calling her by her first name and telling her, “You made my life miserable.”

Sidney Moorer is also facing charges related to Elvis’ disappearance. He already had a trial that ended in a hung jury, and he awaits a second trial. He did not take the stand at the first trial, and Tammy said she was not happy about this. She told the court, “I hate him a lot now because he didn’t stand up for himself and testify at his last trial.”

Alberto Luperon contributed to this report.

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