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Watch Live: Brian Ross Investigates Special Edition on COVID-19

We hope we’re not being too dramatic when we say COVID-19 has changed the world, maybe forever. Employment, criminal law, politics: Even simple acts like going to the grocery have become complicated and fraught. How to make sense of it all? Join the Law&Crime Network every Tuesday and Thursday for Brian Ross Investigates special episodes on COVID-19. You can watch in the player above. The first block (about 15 minutes) airs on YouTube and Facebook at 2 p.m., with the full episode premiering on the Law&Crime Network at 5 p.m. Reruns follow at 9 p.m. Host Brian Ross and a panel of top legal experts and analysts tackle the most pressing legal questions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and take live questions from viewers.

Check-in for compelling points of view. Ross asked in a Friday, April 17 episode if after all this was over, people could sue if they got sick from going to a grocery store where there weren’t proper protections from COVID-19.

“Depending on the situation,” said New York-based attorney Luigi Izzo of the Berman Law Group. “I’ve heard from people from all walks of life. There are people that worked in hospitals in the beginning times (as far back as two weeks ago) were told not to wear masks, complied, and now were positive with corona. Obviously, in that type of situation, you would have liability. If there’s a duty, and they breach that duty to protect a shopper or an employee, and because of that proximate cause you did get the corona, yes, they would be able to file a lawsuit against the employer, or the supermarket, or any other entity that did not comply, and breach their duty. Now the question is, ‘What is the duty?’ and the duty would be different for all different levels of individuals and stores.”

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