Watch: Jordan Lamonde Planet Fitness Assault Trial

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New Hampshire man Jordan Lamonde is facing trial for allegedly assaulting a Planet Fitness gym employee when she left at the end of her shift on June 12. Erin McCarthy told authorities that Lamonde came up from behind her, repeatedly punched her in the head, kneed her in the face, and threw her to the ground in the parking lot.

The incident was caught on surveillance video, which was released to the public. A woman then told police that she recognized Lamonde in the footage and said he was the attacker. Lamonde claimed that he wasn’t even in Rochester, New Hampshire–where the attack took place–at the time.

The story gets a little more convoluted, as McCarthy claimed she didn’t know Lamonde, but police found that there may be a connection of sorts. The woman who identified him said that Lamonde had recently complained about a man stealing $30,000 from him. She also said he drove a Ford Fusion, matching a vehicle that was spotted at the scene. As it turns out, a man who was dating McCarthy told cops that Lamonde used to be a friend of his, and that the suspect had accused him of stealing a safe that contained thousands of dollars. When police questioned Lamonde, he denied knowing the man. As for the Ford Fusion? According to police, Lamonde lived with his grandparents, and his grandmother had a Fusion registered in her name.

[Image via Rochester Police Department]

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