WATCH: Fmr Cop Tai Chan Testifies About Killing His Partner

Tai Chan, the former Santa Fe, New Mexico sheriff’s deputy facing murder charges for shooting and killing his partner, Jeremy Martin, is about to take the witness stand in his own defense. Watch his testimony live in the player above.

Chan claims he shot and killed Martin in self-defense. The two were staying overnight in Las Cruces, New Mexico, on their way home after a long-distance prisoner transport assignment. They were out drinking before the shooting, acquaintances who were with them testified.  Martin’s blood alcohol level was .102 at the time of his death, though the measure of alcohol in other fluids was a .119.  Chan’s blood alcohol level was estimated by an expert witness to be a .24, three times the legal limit for driving.

This is the second murder trial Tai Chan has faced.  His first trial ended in a hung jury and, therefore, a mistrial.


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