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Woman takes plea deal for plotting to have her ex-fiancé put ‘6 feet under’

Vanessa Lavaty tried to get Timothy Hanes killed. (Screenshots: KRDO)

Vanessa Lavaty tried to get Timothy Hanes killed. (Screenshots: KRDO)

A Colorado woman pleaded guilty on Thursday to plotting the murder her ex-fiancé.

Vanessa Lavaty, 34, was originally charged in a first-degree solicitation case, but she took a deal a week before trial, and instead admitted to attempt to commit manslaughter, according to KDRO.

In exchange, she agreed to spend four and 16 years in prison. El Paso County Judge William Moller will decide her fate at a later date.

Vanessa Lavaty minced no words in seeking the death of her ex-fiancé, Timothy Hanes.

“I want his a– buried,” she told her live-in boyfriend Marty Jorgensen, according to documents obtained by The Gazette.

She also said, “I really want this f—– dead.”

But Jorgensen didn’t play along. Instead, he went to cops. Officers set up a sting in which an undercover detective under the name “Josh” presented himself as a hitman. Lavaty paid him $500 as a down payment, and when contacted to confirm if she was sure she wanted Hanes dead.

“Yeah,” she said, according to KRDO.

Lavaty was willing to pay between $2,000 and $4,000 to get Haynes killed.

Jorgensen initially did not take her statements seriously when she said she wanted Hanes killed, but weeks later, he realized she was serious.

“I really want this a—–e dead,” she said.

She also said she wanted Hanes “six feet under.”

Hanes told KRDO that Lavaty sought his life because they were going to share 50/50 custody of their  daughter.

“It’s been extremely difficult,” Hanes said. “I have not had good sleep or a night without grinding my teeth, worrying about a tree branch breaking in the yard. Now it’s even worse because I know the walls are closing tighter and tighter.”

He faces a deeply stressful situation.

“I want her in my daughter’s life, but I do not want her anywhere near me,” Hanes said. “I’m having a really hard time wrapping my mind around how a mother could do this to her own daughter. If this was just about her and I, I wouldn’t care what the judge sentenced her to because it was just a boyfriend-girlfriend thing.”

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