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Woman peed on father-in-law’s grave amid bitter split from her estranged husband: Police

Alexis Nicole Jackson told a friend she peed on her father-in-law's gravesite, according to police. (Mugshot: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department)

Alexis Nicole Jackson told a friend she peed on her father-in-law’s gravesite, according to police. (Mugshot: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department)

A woman is accused of relieving herself on her father-in-law’s gravestone and taking a flower vase from the site — all as an act of retaliation against her estranged husband, who she says vandalized her own father’s final resting place.

Alexis Jackson has been charged with desecration of a place of worship or burial. According to the arrest affidavit, she told a friend on April 8 that had done the deed at Forest Lawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens in Goodlettesville, Tennessee.

“Mrs. Jackson then stated that she took the vase and urinated on the gravestone out of retaliation because she believed that Mr. Jackson vandalized her own father’s gravestone in a recent unrelated incident,” according to cops in Nashville.

This is the third time Alexis Jackson was charged in Davidson County in connection to her disintegrating relationship with her husband, Shawn Jackson. She was previously charged for allegedly striking her husband in the face while they were spending the night together.

According to police, Shawn Jackson had called in the report of his wife’s cemetery activity.

“He stated that his soon to be ex-wife, Alexis Jackson, has stolen the flower vase from his father’s gravestone and then urinated on the grave site,” records stated. A mutual friend told him about it.

According to the officer, that mutual friend described picking Alexis Jackson up and taking her to a new boyfriend’s home in the city of Hendersonville, some 18 miles northeast of Nashville. On the way there, they stopped at a market, and the friend went to use the restroom.

“When she returned to her vehicle, she observed Mrs. Jackson to have the flower vase in her possession,” documents stated. The friend described asking Jackson about it, and Jackson said it was the flower vase from her father-in-law’s gravestone.

The friend dropped Jackson off at the new boyfriend’s home, she said. Alexis Jackson left the vase in her friend’s vehicle, and the friend told the husband about the incident, according to the affidavit. The vase was eventually returned to Shawn Jackson.

Alexis Jackson faces a separate, aforementioned case for “assault, domestic bodily injury.” According to documents, her husband called cops to his home on Jan. 25 to say his wife took his vehicle.

“Mr. Jackson stated that his wife had just dropped the Order of Protection and requested to stay the night with him,” officers said. “During the night, Mrs. Jackson got upset for an unknown reason and Mr. Jackson attempted to calm Mrs. Jackson down.”

He claimed she struck him in the left eye. He said he wrapped his arms around her to keep her from striking him anymore until she calmed down.

She soon got a phone call from a friend, and she took the keys to his vehicle and left.

Alexis Jackson is charged in a separate case for “no contact order violation – DV bond condition.” Officers did not name the particular victim in this matter, but they said there is video proof that Alexis Jackson visited this person’s home on Feb. 14 in spite of a no-contact instruction in her bond conditions.

“The defendant has attempted to contact the victim numerous times on blocked numbers with the latest incident time stamped 03/08/2023 at 1012 hours,” court documents said.

Alexis Jackson’s attorney in her prior criminal cases did not immediately respond to Law&Crime’s request for comment.

Her bond in the desecration case was set at $3,000, and she does not appear in Davidson County jail records as of Monday. A court date is scheduled for June 2.

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