‘Open and Shut Case’: Edward Snowden Seems Pretty Screwed in New DOJ Lawsuit

ABA Legal Fact Check: Constitution Silent on How Much Control States Have over Electoral College

Rep. Schiff Says DNI Wouldn’t Turn over Whistleblower Complaint Because of ‘Higher Authority’

Probably Not Good Idea for Brett Kavanaugh to Sue for Libel over Sex Assault Allegations

Trump Tweet on Kavanaugh Hints DOJ Could Be Used for ‘Personal Ends,’ Says Professor

George Conway Supporting Joe Walsh to Send Trump to ‘Trash Bin of History’

Lewandowski Subpoena Might Play Big Role in House Investigating Trump for Alleged Obstruction

AOC Using Similar Argument to Trump to Insist She Can Block People on Twitter

Mitch McConnell Is Having A Very, Very Bad Week

‘MAGAbomber’ Cesar Sayoc Sentenced for Sending Bombs to Democrats, Media Figures

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Alleged Stalker Sentenced to Jail

Mueller Supporter Says It’s Fine Special Counsel Didn’t Know Every Detail of Investigation

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Testifies Before Congress

In ‘Brutal Assessment’ of Barr, Ex-Colleague Says AG Backs Trump to Boost Executive Power

‘Remember Otto Warmbier’: Trump Knocked for Cozy Meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un

Dem Lt. Gov Says Being Accused of Sexual Assault Raised His Profile for Better

Here’s What Trump Says He’d Do Differently If He Redid Presidency

This Is How Trump Will Probably Defend Himself Against Impeachment

Christie: Trump Mistakenly But Sincerely Thinks It’s Normal to Take Accept Foreign Dirt

Trump Says Mueller Found ‘No Collusion’ (Report Didn’t Analyze ‘Collusion’)

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