In ‘Brutal Assessment’ of Barr, Ex-Colleague Says AG Backs Trump to Boost Executive Power

‘Remember Otto Warmbier’: Trump Knocked for Cozy Meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un

Dem Lt. Gov Says Being Accused of Sexual Assault Raised His Profile for Better

Here’s What Trump Says He’d Do Differently If He Redid Presidency

This Is How Trump Will Probably Defend Himself Against Impeachment

Christie: Trump Mistakenly But Sincerely Thinks It’s Normal to Take Accept Foreign Dirt

Trump Says Mueller Found ‘No Collusion’ (Report Didn’t Analyze ‘Collusion’)

Rod Rosenstein Goes to Bat for William Barr Over Obstruction Decision

Twitter Users Dogpile on Trump for Invoking ‘Freedom of Speech’ Despite Anti-Press Comments

‘Appalling & Heartless’: Law Prof Rips Trump Admin for Cutting Aid to Unaccompanied Child Migrants

Supreme Court Denies Trump Administration’s Request to Speed Up DACA Case

Mick Mulvaney Responds to Virginia Beach Shooting: Gov’t Can’t ‘Protect Everybody’

ABA Legal Fact Check: Will William Barr Ultimately Face Legal Sanctions? Eric Holder Didn’t.

Gov’t Hid Evidence Census Citizenship Question Was Expected to Hurt Dems and Latinos, Filing Says

Impeachment Has ‘Lost Its Sting’ in Trump Era, Says Law Professor

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Goes After Trump for ‘Ultimate High Crime or Misdemeanor’

There’s Nothing Trump Can Do to Stop Mueller from Testifying

Pundits Sarcastically Wonder Why Trump Doesn’t Want Mueller to Testify Despite ‘NO COLLUSION’

The House Ethics Subcommittee Just Made Things a Whole Lot Worse for Three GOP Congressmen

‘Don’t Talk to the F***ing Press’: Dem County Executive Indicted in Alleged Pay-to-Play Scheme

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