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Yes #TreasonSummit, There’s Legal Basis For Impeaching Trump Now

Trump Says He Hadn’t Thought About Asking Putin to Send Over Indicted Russians

ABA Legal Fact Check: Do Undocumented Immigrants Have Legal Rights Under U.S. Law?

Watch Live: Rod Rosenstein to Make Live ‘Law Enforcement Announcement’

Roy Moore Seeks to ‘Defend His Honor’ after Sacha Baron Cohen’s Troll Job

Fmr Clinton Lawyer on Hillary Running in 2020: ‘I Hope She Doesn’t’

Kavanaugh Tries to Praise Trump, Ends up Saying Something Totally False

Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Allegedly Called Hillary Clinton the B-Word

3 Must-Know Facts About Trump’s Upcoming Supreme Court Nomination

Trump May Nominate Former Ken Starr Staffer for SCOTUS Who Allegedly Called Hillary Clinton a ‘B****’

Indiana Attorney General Accused of Grabbing Women’s Buttocks

Trump Apparently Has a Leading Contender for SCOTUS

GOP Senator Says She Won’t Support Supreme Court Nominee Who Would Overturn Roe v. Wade

With Kennedy Gone, Everybody Is Looking at 85-Year-Old Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Here’s Who Wins and Gets Screwed Now That Justice Kennedy is Retiring

‘American Citizens Will Be Next’: Former Ethics Czar Bashes Trump over Newest Immigration Rant

Trump Admin Has No Plans to Reunite 2,300 Children Already Separated from Their Parents

Michael Cohen Probe Leads to Subpoena Over Trump-Playboy Model Affair Story

Trump-Nominated FBI Director Defends Mueller Against ‘Witch Hunt’ Accusation

Donald Trump Doesn’t Want to Take Credit for Separating Families, But Jeff Sessions Sure Does

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