Former Intel Community Inspector General Releases New Statement, Includes Jab at Trump

Trump Walks Back Quarantine Idea, Says He Asked CDC to Issue Travel Advisory for New York Tri-State

Lawyer Who Worked for Dems During Impeachment Says He Tested Positive for COVID-19, Slams Trump’s Response

Michael Cohen’s Twitter Is Trying to Get Trump to Let Him Out of Prison, Cites Coronavirus

Weinstein Going ‘Stir Crazy’ at Hospital After Being Found Guilty of Rape, Says Spokesman

Judge References ‘The Office’ in Deciding That Trump Official Unlawfully Appointed as Immigration Honcho

Trump Didn’t Name Outside Person as Coronavirus ‘Czar’ After Wondering If That Person Would Be Loyal to Him, Report Says

Trump Scrapped Treasury Nominee After Memo Criticized Her for Not Indicting McCabe: Report

Judge Shuts Down Roger Stone’s Argument That She Be Disqualified from Case as He Pursues Retrial

Roger Stone Judge Schedules Conference Call. Will She Put DOJ on the Spot?

Warren Supporting College Professor Accused of Anti-Semitic Attack on Bernie Sanders

Trump’s Super Bowl Ad Doesn’t Tell the Entire Story About His ‘Criminal Justice Reform’

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst Says Biden Could Face Impeachment Calls if President: The Door ‘Has Been Opened’

Trump Said He Wanted to Hold Ukraine Aid Pending Probes of Bidens, According to Bolton Manuscript

Former U.S. Attorney Says Trump Just Committed a Crime Against Adam Schiff

Legal Experts Disparage Team Trump’s ‘Very Weak’ Impeachment Brief

Being ‘Human’ Is Not a Legal Defense: George Conway Dismisses Senator’s Vague Defense of Trump

‘At Odds with Common Sense’: Law Professor Knocks Dershowitz’s Stance on Abuse of Power

Trump Has Settled on Key Members of His Impeachment Defense Team

Former Acting Solicitor General Dares Trump to Testify: If Innocent ‘You Should Have Nothing to Fear’

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