Even Lindsey Graham Shoots Down Trump Lawyer’s Claim About Obstruction of Justice

ABA Legal Fact Check: Can Senate Stop Roy Moore from Getting Seated if He Wins Race?

Roy Moore Once Said Removing Amendments After 10th Would Fix ‘Many Problems’

Moore’s Chief Political Strategist ‘Highly Doubts’ There Will Be Senate Ethics Investigation

Trump Viciously Mocks Beverly Nelson And Gloria Allred At Florida Rally (VIDEO)

Really? Philly Councilman Tries to Ban Street Drumming

Here’s the Weirdest Part of Trent Franks Harassment Story

Mueller Had at Least 15 Search Warrants, 400,000 Pieces of Evidence in Manafort Case

Roy Moore Accuser and Gloria Allred Hold Press Conference About Yearbook Signature

Roy Moore Accuser Admits She Added ‘Notes’ to Roy Moore Signature

Flynn Judge Suddenly Recuses Himself from Case

Roy Moore Once Said The Last Time America Was Great Was ‘When We Had Slavery’

Here’s How Al Franken’s Replacement Will Be Chosen

Majority of Americans Think Congress Should Investigate Trump for Sexual Harassment, Poll Says

Hey, Trump, There’s No Evidence Clinton Lied to the FBI

Trump Admin: Bakers Can Advertise That They Discriminate Against Gay Couples

Today’s Oral Arguments About Whether Bakers Have to Bake for Gay People Shouldn’t Be an Argument

Manafort Ghostwrote Op-ed Meant to Make Himself Look Good, Mueller Says

Supreme Court Allows Full Enforcement of Trump Travel Ban

President Trump Arrives In New York City To Chants Of ‘Lock Him Up!’ (WATCH)

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