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David Creato Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter of 3-Year-Old Son

Dalia Dippolito to Serve Jail Time During Appeal in Murder-for-Hire Case

LISTEN: Dalia Dippolito Talks About Prison Escape

‘Doesn’t Make Any F–king Sense!’: Mike Dippolito Snaps at Lawyer During Dalia’s Sentencing (WATCH)

Dalia Dippolito Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison over Murder-for-Hire Plot

Prosecutor Announces No Third Trial for Fmr Officer Ray Tensing, Will Now Seek Federal Charges

WATCH: Dalia Dippolito Seeks Murder-for-Hire Retrial over Sleeping Juror

WATCH LIVE: Trial of Three Men Charged in Shooting Death of Deputy Brian Tephford

WATCH LIVE: Trial of Three Men Accused of Murdering Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Tephford

WATCH LIVE: Death Penalty Trial of Three Men Accused of Murdering Deputy Brian Tephford

Jury selected in trial of bride accused of hiring hit man

Prosecutors Plan Third Trial for Tai Chan, Fmr Deputy Charged with Murdering Partner

War Machine Sentenced to Life in Prison for Battery, Sex Assault of Porn Star Christy Mack

WATCH LIVE: Sentencing for MMA Fighter War Machine, Convicted of Sexual Assault of Porn Star Ex Christy Mack

Jury Recommends Death Penalty for Juan Rosario, Convicted of Murdering 83-Year-Old Neighbor

WATCH LIVE: Police Officer Ray Tensing Murder Trial Jury Selection

Hearing Over Media Access To Ray Tensing Police Shooting Trial

Mistrial Declared in Trial Against David Creato, Accused of Killing Toddler Son

Brian Tephford Murder Trial

Jury Selection on Hold in Ohio Police Shooting Retrial

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