Anthony Clark Is a Socialist Running for Congress with the Spirit of Fred Hampton at His Back

Meet Joshua Collins: A Socialist Truck Driver Currently Running Unopposed for Rep. Denny Heck’s Seat

Exclusive: Never Before Seen Autopsy Photo of Jeffrey Epstein’s Broken Bones Released

‘We Need a Fundamental Change’: Advocates Renew Push for Overturning Citizens United Via 28th Amendment

‘The Constitution Isn’t Finished’: Legal Heavyweights Call for Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

EXCLUSIVE: R. Kelly’s Attorney Says Alleged Victims Have ‘Buyer’s Remorse’

EXCLUSIVE: Les Moonves’s Infant Granddaughter Living in Small, Roach-Infested Apartment, Mother Says

EXCLUSIVE: Former GOP Senator Accused of Lying to Cops to Put His Wife in a Psych Ward

Exclusive: Aaron Hernandez Defense Attorney, Law&Crime Network Host Working on Weinstein Case

Exclusive: Twitter Suspends ‘US Freedom Army’ Accounts After Alleged Connections to Russian Bots

Muslim High School Student Claims State Department Official Pushed, Insulted Him at Debate

Did Facebook Force NYT to Quietly Delete Unflattering Reference to Sheryl Sandberg?

‘When the Lights are Gone…’: Michael Cohen’s Attorney Promises Consequences If Stormy Daniels Talks (WATCH)

Case of Pedophile Larry Nassar Sparks Talk of Changes to Michigan Law

Dan Abrams Slams Media For Failure To Adequately Cover Convicted Pedophile Larry Nassar Hearing

EXCLUSIVE: Former The Young Turks Reporter Files $23.5 Million Defamation Suit Against HuffPo Over Sexual Assault Story

Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Apparently Plotting To Falsely Accuse Bernie Sanders Of Sexual Assault

LISTEN: Sheriff’s Official Flat Out Admits He Threatened to Arrest LawNewz Producer for No Good Reason

GOP Congressman Posed With White Supremacist Who Organized Charlottesville Rally

Casey Anthony’s Attorney Says She ‘Blacked Out’ Caylee’s Death

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