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Law Prof Rips Into CNN for ‘Wildly Unfair’ Coverage of Trump Tax Code

Child ‘Continuing to Fight,’ in Recovery After Stranger Allegedly Threw Him from Mall of America Balcony

‘It’s Basically Pornography’: Robert Kraft’s Lawyers Have Seen the Massage Parlor Video and Don’t Want it Getting Out

Federal Judge Cites Trump’s Tweets About Judiciary in Comparison to KKK and Segregation

Petition: Chris Watts’ Prison Cell Photo of Family He Murdered Is Like a ‘Trophy,’ Should Be Removed

Prosecutor Pushed for ‘Highly Dangerous’ Jeffrey Epstein to Be Kept Off Sex Offender Registry

Felicity Huffman’s Alleged Test Taker in College Admissions Scam to Plead Guilty

12 Most Explosive Allegations in Massive 36-Count Indictment Against Michael Avenatti

Top 4 Takeaways from DOJ’s Indictment of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange Was Arrested After U.S. Extradition Request for Manning Conspiracy

Lenny Dykstra Sues 1986 Mets Teammate Ron Darling over New Book’s Accusations of Racism

Kim Kardashian West Plans to Skip Law School and Take the Bar Exam

Dem Senator Tries to Bully DAG Nominee into Supporting Full Release of Mueller Report, Fails Spectacularly

Trump Pick to Replace Rod Rosenstein Appears Before Senate Committee for Confirmation Hearing

Texas Med School Makes Deal with Trump Admin to Stop Considering Race, Nationality in Admissions Process

Official: Investigators Believe Fires at 3 Black Churches in Louisiana Were Intentionally Set

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli Hit with Money Laundering Charge in New Indictment

Chelsea Handler Tells The View She’s ‘Sexually Vibrating’ Over Robert Mueller

Barr Says He Can’t Release Full Mueller Report Due to Recent Court Decision. He’s Right, But There’s an Exception.

Devin Nunes’ Lawyer Embarrassingly Claims Someone Has Been Bolding Tweets to Defame His Client

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