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Alleged ISIS Supporter Planned ‘Violent Terrorist Attack’ After Being Inspired by Pittsburgh Shooting, Feds Say

Cops Say Argument Over Amazon Purchases Got So Heated Woman Threw a Baby–Twice

Jerome Corsi Just Sued Robert Mueller for $350 Million

Fmr CIA Director Brennan: Trump Knows It’s ‘Impossible’ for Him ‘To Escape American Justice’

GOP Rep Describes Comey as ‘Gleeful’ in Not Answering Questions at Private Hearing

‘Know Who Else Donated to Clinton?’ Fmr Gov’t Ethics Director Throws Trump’s ‘Angry Democrats’ Complaint In His Face

Mueller Is About to Drop New Info in Russia Probe, and Trump Looks Very, Very Worried

Trump’s AG Pick Defended Comey Firing, Supported Investigating Clinton a Year After Election

Ecuador Says UK Has Cleared the Way for Assange to Leave Embassy, a Move That Could Affect U.S. Case

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Case Where Manafort, Trump Should Be Listening

After Trump Said He Answered Mueller’s Questions ‘Very Easily,’ Giuliani Says It ‘Was a Nightmare’

Judge Orders Sudden Phone Conference in Case of Alleged Russian Spy, As Her Boyfriend May Face Charges

Here’s What Could Be Under Some of Those Redactions in the Flynn Memo

‘I Think We Know Exactly What’s Going On’: MSNBC Legal Analyst Hints Cohen’s ‘DMX Defense’ Was Racist (WATCH)

Legal Experts: After Flynn Memo, Don’t Expect Mueller’s Russia Report Any Time Soon

‘Bigot?’: The Kathy Griffin vs. Alan Dershowitz Twitter Feud Has Taken Some Bizarre Turns

What’s Going on With Mystery Criminal Investigations That Flynn Flipped On?

Landscapers Covered in Syrup Allegedly Had Sex in Client’s Home, and There Was Video Evidence

Dershowitz Goes Off on Woman Who Made Underage Sex Allegations: ‘She Should Be Seriously Punished’

Jeffrey Epstein May Have Avoided Trial, But DOJ Investigation Could Be Next

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