Here Are The Mandatory Reporting Laws In Maryland


(1) Does the state require everyone to report child abuse, including sex abuse?  Yes, it appears. Though Maryland provides a list of mandatory reporters, state law also says any person outside the list of mandatory reporters “shall” report. The logic is bumpy, but the statutes, taken together, appear to create a regulatory scheme where everyone must report.

(2) Does the law require coaches to report child abuse? Arguably, yes. Though coaches are not explicitly listed as mandatory reporters, they would definitely be required to report abuse if they are among the professional staff of an institution or educational facility. Additionally, the broader definition above appears to create a statutory scheme where everyone must report.

(3) Does the law require college staff to report child abuse? Yes. Anyone on the professional staff of an educational institution is explicitly listed as a mandatory reporter in Maryland.

(4) Does the law allow jail time for those who fail to properly report abuse? Yes; failing to report is a misdemeanor punishable by up to five years in prison and up to at $10,000 fine.

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