Uber Snubs California Bill by Saying Drivers Are Not Core Part of the Business

Federal Court Didn’t Buy Uber Driver’s ‘Rap Lyrics’ Explanation for Mass Shooting Threats

Records Show Uber Operator Was Watching ‘The Voice’ at Time Self-Driving Car Fatally Hit Woman

Now We Know Why Uber’s Self-Driving Car Didn’t Brake Before Hitting and Killing Arizona Woman

Uber, Lyft Change Their Policies on Sexual Harassment

Uber Could be First Company Ever Charged With Manslaughter For Self-Driving Car Death

Uber Facing Federal Probe on Allegations of Espionage

Uber Paid Hackers to Cover Up Data Breach Affecting 57 Million Accounts

‘Oh My God … You’re a Legitimate ****’: Prosecutor Fired After Rant Against Uber Driver Caught on Tape

New Orleans Mayoral Candidate Charged With Masturbating In An Uber

Uber Takes Black Drivers’ Side After White Passenger Called Him ‘B—h Ass N—r’ (WATCH)

Woman Claiming Sexual Assault by Driver Says Uber Should be Held Accountable

‘I Felt Discriminated Against’: Uber Driver Faces Fine For Not Speaking English

Judge Orders Drunk Drivers To Download Uber as Part of Sentence

Uber Fires 20 Amidst Allegations Of Sexual Harassment

WATCH: Irate Passenger Who Falsely Accused Uber Driver of Rape Banned For Life

Cops Try to Bully Uber Driver, Find Out He’s a Lawyer Who Actually Knows His Rights (VIDEO)

Eric Holder to Lead Internal Investigation Amid Sexual Harassment Claims at Uber

Uber CEO to Investigate Harassment Culture After Fmr Engineer Posts Shocking Tell-All

Fmr Top Obama Aide Ordered to Pay $90K Fine for Illegally Lobbying on Uber’s Behalf

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