Legal Expert: Fellow Court Took Fifth Circuit ‘to the Woodshed’ Over Ruling in Case of Transgender Inmate

Dallas Police Arrest Suspect in Murder of Transgender Woman Muhlaysia Booker

Authorities ‘Concerned’ After Third Transgender Woman Found Murdered in Dallas Area

Trump Admin’s Proposed Rule Would Actually Allow Discrimination Against Transgender People

Transgender Woman Assaulted Just One Month Ago in Viral Video Found Murdered

Parents of Transgender Teens Tried Suing a Judge for Discrimination, But ‘Judicial Immunity’ Prevailed

Hey Non-Trans People, Trump’s New Policies Are Geared Toward Taking Your Rights Away Too

Trump Admin Planning to Basically Pretend that Transgender People Don’t Exist

Judge Invokes Caitlyn Jenner While Denying Transgender Teen’s Name Change Request

Bathroom Bigots Rejoice as Dept. of Ed Refuses to Investigate Transgender Bathroom Complaints

ACLU Lawsuit Fights State Requirement for Transgender People to Have Surgery Before Choosing Gender on ID

Trump Admin Wants to Let Religious Doctors Refuse to do Abortions, Gender Reassignment Surgery

Court Slaps Down Another White House Challenge to Trans People Serving in Military

Appeals Court Blocks Trump’s Attempt to Delay Transgender Service Members Enlistment

Teacher Plans Legal Action After Losing Job for Calling Trans Boy a Girl

Amid Court Fight, Pentagon Will Let Trans People Enlist in Military

ACLU Files First Lawsuit Against Trump’s Transgender Service Member Ban

Pennsylvania District Settles Lawsuit Over Transgender Bathroom Rules

This Totally Explains Why Trump Suddenly Banned Transgender People from Military

Why Trump’s Transgender Military Ban is Destined to Fail

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