The Crime Report

Prisons Discipline Women More, Often Harshly, Study Says

DOJ Opposing Agreement to Reform Chicago Police

Seattle Jail Investigates ‘Inadvertent’ Inmate Releases

Disabled Vietnam Vet Held in SC Police Killing

Inspector General Faults Trump’s Family Separations

PA Limits Inmate Books Amid ‘Growing Drug Crisis’

DOJ, State AGs to Discuss Tech Firms’ Anti-Conservative ‘Bias’

True Lies: Fake-Video Technology Called ‘Toxic’ Threat to National Security

Wray Seeks ‘Normalcy’ in an FBI Under Fire

Trump Meets on Sentencing Reform, Seeks Compromise

Sheriff, Small-Town Editor Face Off After Drowning

No Charges Against Minneapolis Cops in Fatal Shooting

Developer Removes ‘Active Shooter’ Game from Sales

Too Young to Dream: The Child Victims of US Immigration Policies

The Newest Allies for Pot Legalization: Conservatives

How Safe are ‘Sanctuary Cities’?

Anti-Homeless Laws ‘Criminalize’ Poverty, Says Colorado Study

Will the Roberts Court Defend Online Fake News?

When Should Older Americans with Alzheimer’s Lose Access to Guns?

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