T.S. Ellis

Judge Orders Paul Manafort’s Transfer to Notorious Prison at the Request of Manhattan DA

Here Are the Most Eye-Popping Moments in Nearly 100 Pages of Transcripts From Manafort’s Sentencing

Judge Calls Mueller’s Manafort Punishment ‘Excessive,’ Hands Down Lenient Sentence

Manafort’s Attorneys to Judge Ellis: Remember When You Said Mueller ‘Didn’t Really Care About Bank Fraud’?

‘He Did This for No Other Reason Than Greed’: Everything We Learned From Mueller’s Scolding of Paul Manafort

Judge T.S. Ellis Cancels Expedited Manafort Sentencing Until Dispute Over ‘Lies’ to Mueller Is Resolved

Suit Yourself: Judge Gives Paul Manafort the Only Thing He Ever Wanted

Manafort’s Lawyers Are Trying to Use Judge’s Words to Get Him the Hell Out of DC

One of Manafort Jury’s Four Questions For the Judge Has People Up in Arms

Any Last Words from Paul Manafort’s Defense? ‘He Has Endeavored to Serve’

Mueller Prosecutors Reveal the Real MVP of Paul Manafort’s First Trial

Reminder: Mueller Reportedly Told Rick Gates Using Him Was Always About the Trump Campaign

Lengthy Sidebar Between Attorneys and Judge at Manafort Trial Finally Has an Explanation

Judge’s Latest Outburst About the Snail-Paced Manafort Trial Is Pure Gold

Rick Gates Digs the Knife in Deep and Twists with Detailed Account of Tax Fraud Scheme

‘Black Robe Fever’: Did the Manafort Judge’s Ruthless Treatment of Mueller Prosecutor Go Too Far?

Judge Scolds Mueller’s Team for Hyping Paul Manafort’s Spending on Fancy Suits

Manafort’s Attorneys Better Not Get Cute with This Judge From Here on Out

Manafort Finally Ditches Argument About Mueller’s Power on the Night Before His Trial

All the Evidence Robert Mueller Has That Paul Manafort Wants to Keep Out of His Trial

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