Stephen Paddock

FBI: We Will Never Know Why Stephen Paddock Murdered 58 People on Oct. 1, 2017 in Las Vegas

‘Combat Vet’ Drunkenly Flipped Off Las Vegas Shooter and Tried to Use Officer’s Rifle, Cop Says

Stephen Paddock’s $5 Million Estate Heads to Court, as Families of Victims Await Decision

LA Times and Other Outlets Sue for Las Vegas Shooting Records

Brother of Vegas Shooter Suspected of Child Porn Possession

CNN Legal Going After ‘Fake’ CNN Site Pushing Story Claiming Vegas Security Guard Arrested

Bump Stock Manufacturers Slapped With Class Action Lawsuit For Emotional Distress After Vegas Shooting

FBI Searches Las Vegas Gunman’s House Again

Welcome to Vegas: Billboards Ask for Tips on Mass Shooter Motive

Las Vegas Gunman May Have Scoped Out Other Music Festivals

FLASHBACK: Obama Administration Signed Off On The Use of Bump Stocks in 2010

Sheriff: Las Vegas Shooter Planned To Escape

Whoever Leaked Photos of Stephen Paddock, Crime Scene Could Get in Major Trouble (WARNING GRAPHIC)

Las Vegas Gunman’s Girlfriend Returns to US for Questioning

See The First Images From Inside Stephen Paddock’s Hotel Room

Dalia Dippolito’s Attorney Was Nearly Victim in Las Vegas Shooting

Audio Released of Las Vegas Cops Breaching Stephen Paddock’s Hotel Room

By the Numbers: How the Mandalay Bay Massacre Compares to Other Mass Shootings

Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Sued Another Casino in 2012

ISIS Takes Credit for Las Vegas Shooting, But Doesn’t Provide Proof

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