State Department

Questions Raised After State Dept. Reveals Identities of 3 Clinton Aides Who Exchanged Top-Secret Info

State Dept. Reopens Its Own Investigation into Clinton’s Emails

Former CIA Officer to Face Jail in Italy, Claims Hillary Clinton ‘Abandoned Her’

New Emails Show ‘Top Secret’ Security Clearance Rushed For Big Clinton Donor

Emails Show Major Clinton Donor Put On Intelligence Board Despite Lack of Experience

State Dept. Won’t Turn Over Emails In Congress’ Investigation of Deleted Video

Deception Experts Analyze If Spokeswoman Telling Truth About Altered State Dept. Video

Unfortunately Whoever’s Behind Deceptive State Dept. Footage Edit is Off The Hook (Legally)

State Dept. Audit Blames Clinton for Email Management

State Dept. to Withhold Docs Related to Clinton E-Mail Security Until After Election

State Dept. Agrees to Allow Questioning of Clinton Aides About ‘Creation and Operation’ of E-Mail Server

Don’t Be Fooled, No One Knows What’s Going On With Clinton FBI Investigation

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