Starbucks Hit with Class Action Lawsuit Alleging That Customers Were Exposed to ‘Toxic Pesticide’

City of Philadelphia Settles with Black Men Arrested at Starbucks … for $1

Starbucks Responds to Video of Black Men Arrested with Racial-Bias Education for Employees

Before Boycotting Starbucks, You May Want to Read This

Cops Accused of Arresting Two Men for ‘Being Black at Starbucks’

Family Sues Starbucks After 2-Year-Old Allegedly Drank Beverage with Barista’s Blood

Police Remove White Woman From Starbucks After She Rants About Students ‘Speaking Oriental’ (VIDEO)

Starbucks Offering Legal Assistance to Employees Affected by Travel Ban

Trump Supporter Says He Might Sue Starbucks over ‘White’ Discrimination

Hot Cup of Starbucks Coffee Scalds Lawyer; She Sues 2 Years Later

Federal Judge: Starbucks Can Be Sued Over Underfilled Lattes

Someone Sued Starbucks for Using Too Much Ice, Not Enough Coffee in Drinks

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