Sheriff Joe Arpaio

‘Sheriff Joe’ Is Running for Another Term. Here’s a Refresher on Why That’s a Disastrous Idea.

Joe Arpaio is Now Hanging Around With Holocaust Deniers

The Maricopa County Cavalcade of Horrors: Joe Arpaio’s 10 Greatest Hits

Is It Legal for Trump to Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio? We Investigate.

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio Convicted of Criminal Contempt for Ignoring Judge’s Order

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Lawyers Mysteriously Withdraw From Case Weeks Before Trial

WATCH: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Reveals New ‘Revelation’ on Obama Birth Certificate Investigation

Sheriff Arpaio Claims New ‘Revelations’ in Obama Birth Certificate Investigation

‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’ Faces Federal Criminal Contempt Claim

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