sex abuse

Federal Judge Swayed by Argument R. Kelly Poses ‘Extreme Danger to Community,’ Denies Bail

School Board Members ‘Shocked’ After Their Own Lawyers Blame Girls for Teacher’s Abuse

Gymnast McKayla Maroney Alleges Sexual Abuse by Team Doctor

Man Arrested for Groping, Then Shoving Actress onto Subway Tracks

Report: Officials Hid Years of Sex Abuse at Exclusive Boarding School

Dennis Hastert’s Alleged Victim Wants to Change Law on Child Sex Abuse

Teen Gets Plea Deal of Only Probation After Alleged Sex Assault of Autistic Woman

Dennis Hastert’s Attorneys Say ‘Groin Rub’ Doesn’t Qualify as Sexual Misconduct

Report: Catholic Church Tells Bishops They Don’t Need to Disclose Sex Abuse

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