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Rudy Giuliani ‘Jokes’ That He Has ‘Insurance’ in Case Trump Throws Him Under the Bus

Gov’t Watchdog Demands Ethics Investigation into Giuliani’s Shadow Diplomacy in Ukraine

Giuliani Clients Dangled WH Visit in Exchange for Prior Ukrainian President Announcing Biden Probes: WSJ

Lawyers: Rudy Giuliani Tweet on Ukraine Amounts to the ‘Smokingest of Guns,’ a ‘Confession’

Rudy Giuliani Hires Defense Attorney Previously Accused of Dangling Pardon to Michael Cohen

Indicted Associates Wanted Giuliani to Be Face of ‘Fraud Guarantee’ in Cable-News Infomercial: Report

Texts Show Giuliani Urging Kurt Volker to ‘Tell the Truth’ Days Before Ukraine Scandal Exploded

Lawsuit Claims the State Department Engaged in Illegal ‘Shadow Diplomacy’ in Ukraine

Trump Approved Rudy Giuliani Associates’ Attorney Hire, Later Claimed ‘I Don’t Know Those Gentlemen’

Former Chief of SDNY Criminal Division Floated as Possible Giuliani Attorney Hire

Now We Know Why Indicted Giuliani Associate Named His Business ‘Fraud Guarantee’

Federal Judge: Lev Parnas Can Be Questioned Under Oath About GOP Financial Contributions

Democrats Launch Yet Another Investigation into President Trump and Rudy Giuliani

Constitutional Law Professor: In a Single Tweet, Rudy Giuliani Admitted to the ‘Highest of High Crimes’

Ex-Trump Attorney in Russia Probe Told Lev Parnas to Claim Executive Privilege: Lawyer

Judge Orders Trump Admin to Produce Ukraine Records, Giuliani’s Communications May Be Exposed

Gordon Sondland: ‘It Was Apparent to All of Us’ Giuliani Was the ‘Key’ to Changing Trump’s Mind on Ukraine

National Security Law Expert: FBI Believes Rudy Giuliani May Pose ‘National Security Threat’ to U.S.

Rudy Giuliani ‘Power-Lawyered’ His Way into Some Serious Legal Trouble

Co-Founder of Fraud Guarantee, the Company Rudy Giuliani Advised, Has Been Arrested at JFK Airport

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