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Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Calls Out Giuliani for ‘Making S**t Up’

Giuliani: Trump ‘Never’ Spoke to Michael Cohen About Testimony Before Cohen Lied to Congress

Law Prof: Giuliani Could Face Lawsuit for Accusation Against Michael Cohen’s Father-in-Law

Giuliani Is Drastically Changing the Trump-Collusion Narrative, But it Looks Like He’s Just Getting Started

Rudy Giuliani May Have ‘Spilled the Beans’ on Something Big for a Second Time

‘Put a Fork In It, Old Man’: Legal Twitter Absolutely Torches Giuliani Over CNN ‘Collusion’ Claims

Giuliani Rumored to Be ‘Very Worried’ About Mueller Report, ‘Hates’ Working for Trump Now

Rudy Giuliani Downplays Manafort’s Sharing of Trump Campaign Poll Data with Kilimnik

Rudy Giuliani Rumored to Be Bracing for ‘Horrific’ Report from Robert Mueller (UPDATED)

‘Garbage!’ Giuliani Doesn’t Buy Excuse for Missing Page-Strzok Texts, Says Mueller Should Be Investigated

Rudy Giuliani’s Moscow Project Word Salad Is Pretty Tough to Digest

Trump Lawyers Gearing Up for ‘Complex, Multi-Faceted’ Response to Mueller’s Findings… That Will Backfire?

Here Are the Top 3 Most Head-Scratching Errors in Giuliani’s Tweet About Missing FBI Texts

Giuliani Suggests Cohen ‘Double-Crossed’ Trump Because No Pardon Was Offered

Giuliani Responds to Questions About Receiving Leaks with Rant Against ‘Proven Liar’ James Comey

New Lawsuit Seeks to Expose How Giuliani Knew in Advance That Comey Would Reopen Clinton Probe

Does Mueller Have Evidence Trump Lied About 2016 Trump Tower Meeting?

After Trump Said He Answered Mueller’s Questions ‘Very Easily,’ Giuliani Says It ‘Was a Nightmare’

Giuliani Doesn’t Understand How Someone ‘Invaded’ His Tweet with an ‘Anti-President’ Message

Legal Experts Pummel Rudy Giuliani’s Defense of Trump’s Controversial Roger Stone Tweet

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