rudy giuliani

Actual Giuliani Response to Lev Parnas Claim: ‘It Was a Confidential Meeting — if It Did Happen’

Giuliani Suggests Marie Yovanovitch Unlawfully Surveilled Him, Sean Hannity, and Trump Jr.

Docs Reveal Trump and Giuliani‘s ‘Personal Henchmen‘ Were ‘Physically Stalking a U.S. Ambassador’

Giuliani’s Indicted Associate Hands Over Messages and Photos ‘Relevant to Impeachment Inquiry’

Judge Allows Lev Parnas to Share Evidence with Congress That Could Corroborate Claims About Devin Nunes

Rudy’s Shiny New Year

Indicted Giuliani Associate’s iPhone Evidence May Soon Be in the Hands of Congress

Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Activist: Giuliani’s ‘Political Schizophrenia’ Advances Russian Interests

Attorney Leaving Indicted Giuliani Associate Because ‘Ability to Fund’ Defense Has ‘Diminished’

Giuliani Touts Personal Facebook Page That Falsely Identifies Him as ‘Former Attorney General of the United States’

Ukrainian Gas Company’s Executives Recently Spoke with Prosecutors in Giuliani Probe

Rudy Giuliani Provides ‘Another Priceless Admission’ in Latest Bonkers Interview

Giuliani’s Attempt to Discredit Mueller Was Aided by Conspiracy Theorist Dubbed ‘Ukrainian Putin’

‘Very Big DOJ News’: Lawyer for Putin-Connected Ukrainian Oligarch Sent $1M to Giuliani Associate’s Wife

Legal Experts Hammer Rudy Giuliani for Admitting to ‘Rank Corruption’

Lev Parnas Says He Didn’t Lie About His Finances, Is Still Interested in ‘Speaking Truth to Congress’

Former Federal Prosecutor: Giuliani’s Attempts to Clear Trump ‘Utterly Incoherent,’ ‘Unwittingly Self-Defeating’

Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Investigative Special’ Featured on Russia’s State-Owned News Network

Former WH Official: Giuliani ‘Kept Putting This Sh*t’ in Trump’s Head for His Own Benefit

‘Mafia in Action’: Rudy Giuliani Makes Waves with White House Appearance on Historic Day

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