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House Dems Investigating Trump, Giuliani’s Efforts to ‘Pressure’ Ukraine for Election Assistance

Rudy Giuliani Astonishes Legal Experts with Remarks on Ukraine-DNC Collusion Investigation

Giuliani Accused of Hiding Finances Through Work With Trump

House Dems Want to Investigate Rudy Giuliani and Giuliani Says ‘Do it!’

A ‘Pretty Busy’ Giuliani Says (with a Caveat) That He Will ‘Probably Not’ Stay on as Trump’s Attorney

Giuliani Ignites Feud with Judge Nap, Mentions Trump Snubbed Him for SCOTUS

Rudy Giuliani Positioning Himself to Serve As Roving Attack Dog for Trump in 2020

Michael Cohen: Jay Sekulow Knew I Was Lying to Congress About the Moscow Project

Ukrainian Prosecutor Rains on Giuliani’s Parade, Says There’s No Evidence the Bidens Broke the Law

Major Takeaways from ‘Comprehensive’ Chart Documenting ‘Potential Wrongdoing’ by Trump Attorneys

‘Stop It With the Garbage, Rudy’: Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Destroys Giuliani’s Obstruction Argument

Rudy Giuliani Applauds Latest Michael Cohen Bombshell: ‘Poetic Justice’

Giuliani Just Completely Gutted Trump’s Original Excuse for Not Releasing Tax Returns

Rudy Giuliani Dares Democrats to Impeach Trump

It’s No Longer Clear When Trump Team Will Put Out Mueller Report Rebuttal

Rudy Giuliani’s New Take on Rod Rosenstein Is Amazingly Disingenuous

Rudy Giuliani Seems to Agree That Congress Reading the Full Mueller Report Is ‘Dangerous’

Rudy Giuliani Gets Blasted After Tweeting Wikipedia Quote

Giuliani Stopped TV Appearances After Suggesting Moscow Trump Tower Talks Continued to Nov. 2016: Report

‘You’re Not the Lawyer’: Rudy Giuliani Scolded By Judge After Courtroom Outburst

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