Robert Bowers

DOJ Announces New Hate Crime Charges Against Tree of Life Synagogue Mass Shooting Suspect

Synagogue Shooting Suspect Robert Bowers Faces the Death Penalty or More Than Five Centuries of Prison

GOP Congressional Candidate Running Against Maxine Waters Compliments Anti-Semitic Sign (VIDEO)

Howard Dean: Synagogue Shooting Suspect’s Social Media Site Should Be Tried as ‘Accomplice to Murder’

Federal Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty for Synagogue Shooting Suspect Robert Bowers

Accused Synagogue Shooter Allegedly Made Bizarre Claim About Jews ‘Committing Genocide to His People’

Alleged Synagogue Shooter Robert Bowers Endorsed GOP Talking Point That Jewish Groups Funded Migrant Caravan

Police Have Identified Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter as White Supremacist Robert Bowers

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