Richard Gates

FBI Has Been Breathing Down Manafort’s Neck Since Long Before the Trump Campaign

Richard Gates Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy, Making False Statements to Mueller’s Office

With Plea Hearing Scheduled, New Court Filing Says Rick Gates Lied to Mueller’s Office

Richard Gates’ Attorney Says Daily Beast Story Is False, Client HASN’T Fired Him

Robert Mueller Charges Attorney With Making False Statements, Guilty Plea Expected

Richard Gates Is Willing to Testify Against Manafort, Report Says

Judge Questions Mueller’s Target Relationship With Seth Rich Conspiracy Theorist After Bizarre Video

Mueller Had at Least 15 Search Warrants, 400,000 Pieces of Evidence in Manafort Case

Manafort Ghostwrote Op-ed Meant to Make Himself Look Good, Mueller Says

Manafort, Gates Can Ask Permission to Attend Thanksgiving Events, Judge Says

Judge’s Order Prevents Manafort, Gates from Leaking Any Favorable Court Docs to Press

Manafort Judge Worries Prosecutors Are Going Too Easy on His Bond

Paul Manafort Puts Up $12.5 Million to Avoid House Arrest

Manafort’s Team Will Argue Mueller Search Violated Constitutional Rights

Is Tony Podesta The Next Lobbyist To Be Indicted By Mueller?

Manafort Indictment Contains At Least One Glaring Factual Error

The Paul Manafort Indictment Has Nothing To Do With Donald Trump

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