New York

N.Y. Lawmakers Have a Backup Plan Ready if House Dems Fail to Get Trump’s Tax Returns

Cuomo’s Small Yet Drastic Penal Law Change Creates Loophole That Will Protect Undocumented Immigrants

New York State Planning to Ban Shocking Anti-Semitic License Plate ‘in Response to Customer Complaints’

Woman Allegedly Stabbed English Tourist to Death to ‘Rid the House of Evil’

‘They F****d Up’: Violent Nail Salon Showdown for the Ages Is Raising Eyebrows (WATCH)

We May Finally Get to See Trump’s Tax Returns After All

NY Lawmaker Seeks to Ban NRA-Funded School Gun Clubs After Parkland Massacre

Democrat Suggests Taking Up Arms Against Trump, and People are Triggered

NY AG Schneiderman Pretty Much Confirms That He Could Become Trump’s Biggest Nightmare

Soldier Charged with Slaying State Trooper in Northern NY

Viral Video Shows Girl Falling From Ride, Does She Have Legal Case?

16 and 17 Year Olds Will No Longer Be Charged as Adults in New York

Oscar Winning Film ‘Manchester By The Sea’ Inspired Real Life Murder of Disabled Boy, DA Says

NY Launches Legal Aid Program for Immigrants

NY AG: Tillerson Used Fake Name To Talk Climate Change

Man Caught With $164k Worth of ‘Cocaine Busting Out’ of Tightly Fitting Pants at JFK

NYPD Probing Possible Vandalism at Largely Jewish Cemetery

69-Year-Old Grandma Dies After Being Sucker Punched Outside a Deli

WATCH: Passerby Catches Dramatic Arrest Video After State Trooper Dragged During Traffic Stop

NY Attorney General Issues Urgent Warning About Scam Targeting Undocumented Immigrants

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