National Enquirer

Report: FBI Investigated David Pecker and AMI Over Ties to Saudi Arabia

#TBT: Ted Cruz Says Trump Planted ‘Mistresses’ Story at the National Enquirer

Top 4 Bombshells in Playboy Playmate Lawsuit as Plot Thickens in Trump Sex Scandals

It Sure Sounds Like President Trump Tried to Blackmail Joe and Mika, but Legally? Not So Much

Richard Simmons, Once Rumored Missing, Surfaces With Libel Lawsuit Over Reports of Sex Change

Despite Reports, Dr. Phil Was NOT Disciplined For ‘Molesting Young Patient’

American Media Runs Barrage of Negative Stories On Dr. Phil After He Files $250 Million Defamation Claim

Experts: Ted Cruz Appears Deceptive in His Response to Sex Scandal Story

On Cruz ‘Affairs,’ Trump Forgot All The Times National Enquirer Got Sued For Getting it WRONG

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