Federal Court: Christian Videographers Cannot Be Compelled to Work Same-Sex Wedding

Cops: White Dad and Son Dump Dead Deer on Somali Men’s Cars, Claim They ‘Needed to Get Rid of the Carcasses’

City Council Candidate Arrested After Allegedly Posting Topless Pic of Wife on Campaign Site

Minnesota Police Regularly Inject People With Hallucinogenic Drug Against Their Will, Report Says

Supreme Court Says No to Minnesota Law that Banned Political Attire at Voting Polls

Lawmaker Pushes Bill to Ban Hated Bachelor Star From State

Teenage Girl Facing Child Porn Charges for Sexting Teenage Boy

SCOTUS Asked to Decide Whether First Amendment Protects Sexting With Minors

Warrant: Woman “Slapped” Squad Car Before Police Shooting

Officer: Partner Fired Fatal Shot Moments After Loud Sound

Questions Remain Surrounding Fatal Minnesota Police Shooting

Court Backs Ruling That Man Give Fingerprint to Unlock Phone

Videographers Sue State Because They Don’t Want to Film Gay Weddings

Police Threaten DUI Offenders with Forced Listening of ‘One Direction Cover Bands’

Minnesota Court Strikes Down Transgender Surgery Ban

Surveillance Video Released of ‘Premeditated’ Minnesota Mall Knife Attack

ISIS Media Claims Minnesota Mall Attacker as ’Soldier of the Islamic State’

New Law Allows Individuals to Transfer ‘Digital Assets’ Upon Death

Special Prosecutor Appointed to Help Investigators in Philando Castile Case

50 Arrested, 5 Officers Injured in Minnesota Protest

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