Matt Gaetz

Trump Was Reportedly Aware House GOP Intended to Disregard Security Measures, Storm Deposition

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz Kicked Out of Fiona Hill Deposition

Florida Bar Moves Forward with Investigation into Rep. Gaetz’s ‘Witness Testing’

Dissecting the (Non-Helpful) Apology Text Gaetz Sent Cohen After Congressional Hearings

If Gaetz Really Told Trump He Was ‘Happy’ to Threaten Cohen, He’s Got a Huge Problem on His Hands

Florida Bar Now Reportedly Investigating Matt Gaetz over Twitter Threat to Michael Cohen

Legal Experts: Rep. Matt Gaetz Appears to Have Violated the Law with Cohen Twitter Threat

Alleged Synagogue Shooter Robert Bowers Endorsed GOP Talking Point That Jewish Groups Funded Migrant Caravan

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