Judge Decides Not to Jail Roger Stone Even Though She Said He Wouldn’t Get ‘Another Chance’

Judge Who Literally Wrote the Book on Corruption Indicted on Fraud Charges

Judge Faces Hearing After Allegedly Asking Rape Victim if She Kept Her Legs Closed

O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Claims ‘Secret’ Autograph Signing was Just to Pay off Debts

Judge Doesn’t Regret Post About Hot Women He’s Slept With

ABA Deems Trump Judicial Nom ‘Not Qualified’ Due to ‘Passionately-Held Social Agenda’

Wait, What? Holly Bobo Judge May Send Death Penalty Jury To Football Game

Ohio Judge Shot in ‘Cowardly Ambush’ Was Able to Shoot Back

Judge Slapped With ‘Severe Public Censure’ For Being Insensitive to Women, Minorities

Want to Shave Off Jail Time by Getting a Vasectomy? You Missed Your Chance.

Texas Judge Accused Of Using Drugs, Sexting Her Bailiff and Hiring Prostitutes

Former Judge in Kentucky Fighting Sex Charges

Judge Napolitano: Comey Testimony ‘Laid Out a Case for Misconduct’ Against Loretta Lynch

Judge Faces ACLU Ethics Complaint for Not Dealing With Same-Sex Couple Adoptions

With Supreme Court Seat Filled, GOP Looks to Lower Courts

WATCH: Aaron Hernandez Attorney Accuses Judge of ‘Lying’ to Jurors, Using ‘Racist’ Words

Judge Who Stole Cocaine from Evidence Challenges Disbarment

Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial Comes to Halt Over Rumors Juror Posted on Reddit

Judge Pleaded Guilty to Charges He Offered Federal Agent Two Cases of Bud Light to Get Wife’s Text Messages

Judge Faces Penalty for Detaining Kids Who Refused Dad Visit

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