Jose Baez

Harvey Weinstein Hires Casey Anthony’s Lawyer After Previous Attorney Withdraws from Case

Prosecutors’ Star Witness in Aaron Hernandez Trial Was ‘Snitch’ Facing Murder Charges, Jose Baez Says

Casey Anthony’s Attorney Says She ‘Blacked Out’ Caylee’s Death

Jose Baez Calls Out ‘Total Lack of Professionalism’ in Hernandez Death Investigation

Jose Baez: Hernandez Acquittal Burnishes Lawyer’s Reputation

Jose Baez Offered to Rent Bus to Take Jury to Aaron Hernandez’s Funeral, Juror Says

Attorney for Aaron Hernandez Says Medical Examiner is Illegally Holding His Brain

‘He’s Innocent!’: Jose Baez Gives Epic Defense Closing Argument in Aaron Hernandez Trial (WATCH)

Judge Plans Jury Instruction On Incomplete Police Work In Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Case

Prosecution Rests Case in Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial

WATCH: Jose Baez Gets into Epic Argument With Judge During Aaron Hernandez Trial

Private Eye Claims Casey Anthony Had Sex With Her Lawyer (and May Have Confessed Too)

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