Jake Thomas Patterson

Jake Patterson Sentenced to Life in Prison for Kidnapping Jayme Closs, Murdering Her Parents

Watch: Jake Patterson Sentenced for Kidnapping Jayme Closs and Murdering Her Parents

Jake Patterson Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping Jayme Closs and Murdering Her Parents

Watch: Jake Thomas Patterson Arraignment

Jake Patterson Reportedly Says He’ll Plead Guilty to Jayme Closs Kidnapping

Legal Experts: Jake Patterson Is ‘As Close to 100 Percent Screwed’ as a Person Can Be Without Pleading Guilty

Investigators Want to Know if Jayme Closs’ Accused Kidnapper Really Wrote Jailhouse Letter

Watch: Jake Thomas Patterson Preliminary Hearing in Jayme Closs Kidnapping

Prosecutors: No Charges Against Jayme Closs Kidnapping Suspect in County Where Teen Was Held

Attorney for Jayme Closs’s Accused Kidnapper Admits ‘Very Thorough Confession’ Is an Issue

Watch: Arraignment of Jayme Closs Kidnapping Suspect Jake Thomas Patterson

Criminal Complaint Reveals How Jake Patterson Allegedly Kidnapped Jayme Closs (READ)

Deputies: Jayme Closs Kidnapping Suspect Shaved His Head to Avoid Leaving Evidence Behind

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