‘It’s a Kind of Kidnapping’: Immigration Officers Detain U.S. Citizen Children at Chicago Airport

Two Active-Duty Marines Arrested for Allegedly Smuggling Immigrants Over the Border

Trump Admin Threatens to Fine Some Undocumented Immigrants Up to $500,000

SCOTUS Will Decide DACA’s Fate Just As America Decides Trump’s

Trump’s ‘Border Czar’ Accuses Acting DHS Secretary of ‘Resisting’ ICE

SCOTUS Just Made It Harder To Prosecute Immigrants For Gun Crimes

Acting ICE Director: Migrants Are ‘Renting Babies’ to Cross the Border

Legal Expert: Texas Teacher Fired Over Twitter Rant About ‘Illegal Students’ Has ‘Uphill Battle’

‘Appalling & Heartless’: Law Prof Rips Trump Admin for Cutting Aid to Unaccompanied Child Migrants

‘I Think We Can’t Exempt Anybody’: ICE Announces Possibility of Deporting Families Ordered to Leave U.S.

‘A Critical Step Forward’: Trump Admin to Implement New Policy for U.S. Visa Applicants

Federal Court Signals That President Trump Will Ultimately Lose Battle Over Border Wall

Iraqi Christian Asks SCOTUS to Stop His Deportation Because He’ll Be Persecuted, Court Declines to Get Involved

The Insurrection Act: How Trump Can Use America’s Military to Deport Undocumented Immigrants

‘Invisible Wall’: Immigrant U.S. Soldiers Are Being Denied Citizenship More Than Civilians

Lindsey Graham Introduces Legislation to Overhaul Asylum Process, Says ‘Building a Wall’ Isn’t Enough

Top 5 Takeaways as Dozens of Former Gov’t Officials Denounce Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

ABA Legal Fact Check: Here’s the Big Difference Between Seeking Asylum, and Being a Refugee

Trump Insists He Has Legal Right to Move Detainees to Sanctuary Cities, and He’s Probably Right

‘It’s Broken’: Immigration Court Backlog Nears 1 Million as Gov’t Spending Keeps Going Up

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