Police Say One Family’s Idea of ‘Fun’ Was Elaborate Faked Abduction of Children

CNN Legal Going After ‘Fake’ CNN Site Pushing Story Claiming Vegas Security Guard Arrested

Literal Fake News: Black Lives Matter Did Not Block Hurricane Harvey Relief

Louise Mensch Goes Apoplectic After Being Accused of Falling for Hoax

FAKE NEWS: Casey Anthony Is Not Dead, Despite Reports She Was Bludgeoned

Cops Use Instagram to Track Down Teen Suspected of School Shooting Hoax

White Teen Admits Making Up Story of Gang Rape by Black Men

Restaurant Countersues Muslim Women Who Claimed Discrimination: It’s a ‘Fraud’

Pastor Drops Case Against Whole Foods for Slur on Cake, Apologizes for Hoax

Attorney Says Claim of Cafe’s Discrimination of Muslims is ‘Civilization Jihad’

Whole Foods Says Gay Slur on Cake is Hoax, Releases Video to Prove it

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