Gretchen Carlson

Why Greta Van Susteren Can’t Be Taken Seriously About Fox’s Sexual Harassment Scandals Anymore

In 11 Other States, What Gretchen Carlson Did to Roger Ailes Would be a Crime

Gretchen Carlson, Fox to Settle for $20 Million, Report Says

Gretchen Carlson Secretly Taped Roger Ailes For a Year — Is That Even Legal?

Ailes’ Resignation Was His Only Way of Saving Face and Guaranteeing He Got $$$$

More Than 20 Women Have Come Forward with Ailes Harassment Claims, Lawyers Say

We Got Played! Why Ailes’ $40 Million Exit Agreement Was Probably Leaked to Drudge

Ailes Wants Gretchen Carlson to Face NYC Arbitration, Accuses Her Lead Counsel of ‘Smear Campaign’

Exclusive: This Internal Memo Could Hurt Gretchen Carlson’s Case Against Roger Ailes

Gretchen Carlson’s Attorneys Dare Roger Ailes to Testify Under Oath

Here Are the 7 Most Shocking Claims in Gretchen Carlson’s Complaint Against Fox’s Roger Ailes

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