Gavin Grimm

Bathroom Bigotry Just Stopped a Transgender Kid From Participating in Active Shooter Drill

Federal Court Sides with Transgender Student Gavin Grimm on Bathroom Protections

Bathroom Bigots Rejoice as Dept. of Ed Refuses to Investigate Transgender Bathroom Complaints

Supreme Court Sends Transgender Bathroom Case Back Due to Trump Administration Policy

Supreme Court Clerk Totally Slaps Down Bathroom Bigots For Using ‘Her’

Calm Down Libs, Trump’s Policy on Transgender Bathrooms Isn’t End of the World

In Transgender Restroom Fight, Trump’s DOJ Sides With Bathroom Bigots

Transgender Bathroom Case Basically Thrown to Trump Administration by SCOTUS

SCOTUS Says Transgender Boy Cannot Use School Men’s Room at School While Case is Pending

Court Rules in Favor of Transgender Student Seeking to Use Boys’ Restroom

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