Trump Admin Says There is No Evidence Obama Wiretapped Trump

FBI Director Won’t Answer Question About Whether Trump’s Phone Conversations Are Being Collected

Carter Page Takes to Twitter to Weigh in on FISA Warrants in the Most Bizarre Way Possible

Group That Sought Carter Page FISA Warrants Just Used Trump Tweets to Effectively Troll the DOJ

Justice Department to Release FISA Documents on Carter Page This Afternoon

Annual FISA Report Shows Noticeable Uptick in Outright Denials of Applications

What Are These ‘UNREDACTED Documents’ That Trump is Talking About?

DOJ Inspector General to Investigate FBI FISA Practices

USA Today Reporter’s Lawyer Sends Letter Demanding Trump Declassify Carter Page FISA Warrant

Why Didn’t Comey Go After Christopher Steele for Lying to the FBI?

The Most Troubling Part in the Nunes Memo Really Could Matter Legally

Even if FISA Warrant is Based on Politically Biased Source, It Probably Won’t Amount to Anything Legally

GOP Rep. Wants Obama Admin Officials Thrown in Jail Over Nunes Memo

DOJ Says Trump Tweets Probably Based on News Reports, Not Actual Facts of What’s Going On

In Tweetstorm, ACLU Unloads On Democrats And Republicans For Expanding Trump’s Warrantless Surveillance Powers

Conservative Site Offers Primer on How ‘Left is Trying to Mislead on FISA,’ Proceeds to Get Major Fact Wrong

‘Rank Speculation!’: Dan Abrams Battles Conservative Lawyer Over Trump Wiretapping Allegations

Yes, There Could Be Serious Legal Problems if Obama Admin Involved in Illegal Surveillance

Yahoo Reportedly Scanned Millions of Customers’ Emails On Behalf of U.S. Intelligence

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